Election 2075

With an intent of making students aware about the democratic procedure of election and the significance of choosing right candidates through electoral process, RPS organized an election on ……………..Taking the privilege of secret voting rights, with the majority of votes, the students of RPS have elected Master Diperson Jung Thapa and Miss Reshma Karki respectively as the head and deputy of school. Through the same, students have delegated their authority to the captains and deputies of Red, Blue, yellow and green houses.

The election that was commenced with the mark of Swastika sign on ballot sheets by Mr. Rabindra Jung Thapa, the chairman of Reliance Education Network, was solemnized by Mr. Basantalal Lamichhane, the head of Reliance Public School. Shortly after the announcement of poll result, the newly elected school heads and deputies had received oath and school flag from the hand of REN Chairman amidst a small official wearing in ceremony of poll result declaration. Within the same, the flags of houses were also passed to the heads and deputies jointly by the head of RPS and REN Chairperson. Chairperson Mr. Thapa illustrated his desire to see these elected candidates upholding the flags of school with an upkeep of higher academic and disciplinary standard of the school throughout the year.