RPS Reading Club

RPS Reading Club

RPS forms Reading Club in order to enhance the reading skills of the students. The club is designed to promote students’ participation, leadership and presentation skills, reading habit, personal and professional growth via fictional and non-fictional text reading. The Club operates offering books to the students every week to read and are assigned to prepare PPT presentation exploring multiple aspects related with book and its content at least once a month. However, the juniors are assigned to make their presentation on chart papers. It runs with an individual, pair and group work presentation. Basically, during the course, the role of teachers remain only of mentor or facilitator. Irrespective of the several differences among students, they are found to have involved actively in the club making choice of their best liking books.  

The Club reserves membership of all the respective faculties from junior school to senior ensuring participation of all the students as well. Another beauty of the club is the formation of forum for presentation with the understanding of students in the presence of respective faculties and book writers from different genres in Nepal. And the review of Book is managed once a month where the post reading contents, skills and context of the concerned books are hugely discussed and evaluated thoroughly by the experts and teachers.

The Executive Body is comprised of the following members:

Mr. Rabindra Jung Thapa            Patron

Mr. Basanta Lal Lamichhane      Advisor

Mr. Rohit Katwal                              Advisor

Mr. Santosh Kharel                         Advisor

Mr. Dilip Nepal                                 Advisor

Ms. Sushma Tamang                      Advisor

Ms. Praptee Thapa                              President

Mr. Diperson J. Thapa                         Vice President

Ms. Nayansha Bhattarai                      Vice President

Ms. Asmita Timalsina                           Secretary

Mr. Avision Dhungana                          Member

Ms. Angel Thapa                                    Member

Mr. Sujal Chaudhary                             Member