Let me extend a very hearty welcome to all prospective parents/guardians who have shown an interest in Reliance Public School.
At the RPS, we help the children to tap their hidden potential by exposing them to diverse opportunities and a large number of activities. In addition to this, children are trained to learn more by doing things themselves and trying out new ideas, with all their energies focused on honest and purposeful effort.
From this year, the School is taking its first step in providing an entirely different environment for tiny tots of pre-primary level. An environment which, besides providing the basic education, makes sure that our children get individual attention, are happy and look forward to coming to school each morning with a big smile on their faces.
Though as a RPS group of educational institution,we had well-earned experience of eighteen years, it was still a daunting task to achieve the excellence that we have achieved today, without a profound leadership of our School Principal Mr. Madan Nakarmi, dedication of the teachers, the staffs and ever supportive parents associated with the RPS; congratulations! RPS Team.

I am happy to note that RPS is emerging as a premier day boarding/boarding school of its kind in this part of the valley, amply fulfilling the educational aspirations of the parents who bring their children to its portal.

Thanking You!
Rabindra Jung Thapa