Star Club

V-Star Club

Reliance Public School believes in quality human production and for the same, it believes in amalgamation of quality education with better nurturing of kids. Pursuing the same, School has been running “V-Star” club since the last two years. The club, formed under the guidance of the faculties of School, insures the membership of dynamic students. And it is actively involved in building the better character making each individual students of school follow specific pattern of the activities every day.

The club aims at bringing positive changes on students making them follow three basic habit building components: Respect, Patience and Discipline and to attain the same goal, students are prescribed to follow fivefold activities of Cleanliness, Orderliness, Politeness, Punctuality and Meditation every day. Besides these, the students are assigned to follow ten daily routines and the record of their activities are strictly verified by the concerned class teachers/faculties.

Formation of club has been made with the following membership:

Mr. Rabindra Jung Thapa    –      Patron

Mr. Birendra Kumar Mehata   –     Advisor

Mr. Basanta Lal Lamichhanie   –      Advisor

Mr. Dilip Nepal   –     Incharge

Mr. Pritam K. Mehta    –     Co-ordinator

Ms. Shusma Tamang   –    Member

Ms. Sahena Shrestha  –   Member

Ms. Praptee Thapa  –  Member

Mr. Abhiyan Aacharya  –   Member

Mr. Bishrut Uprety   –    Member

Mr.Diperson Jung Thapa  –   Member

Ms. Reshma Karki   –   Member

Ms. Asmita Timalsina   –   Member

Ms. Bhawana Kushwaha    –    Member