Student Council

Student Council

R.P.S. students council is a student body associated with curricular or extra-curricular activity for the students within school. It is a group of student leaders who work with an adult supervisor to collaborate with others to impact their school. It is a representative body composed chiefly of students chosen by their teacher and principal to organize social and extra-curricular activities and to promote unity, mutual cooperation among the students and also to sharpen their creativity.

Aim & Objectives :

  • To foster communication among students, administrative staffs and community.
  • To promote, organize and execute activities that encourage student pride and school spirit.
  • To install democratic ideals, provides an outlet for the student expression.
  • This council is a forum for aiding in the solution of school problems.

What types of activities can be run or carried out by the students council ?

The students council can organize :

  1. Drawing / Painting competition.
  2. Preparation of poster for public awareness
  3. Exhibition
  4. Blood donation camp
  5. Tree plantation
  6. Celebrating National Days/festival
  7. Community clearing campaign
  8. Cultural exchange programme
  9. Community visit and data collection
  10. Keeping suggestion box regarding the student concern and comment.

What is the primary reason for a school opening students council ?

  1. Training young students in leadership teaching.
  2. Introducing different social service activities to encourage students to participate & socialize them.
  3. Facilitating fund raising for service as school activities.

What kinds of activities can the members of student council follow ?

Student council members are elected representatives of our student body that organization numerous school event such as :

  1. Prizes are awarded for the many active students who had shown outstanding performance in various activities run by student council.
  2. It also hosts various cultural and sports programme.
  3. It also organizes community services.
  4. It can also raise fund for the socially down trodden backward, poor and physically dissolved people.

Student council can also help to share the student ideas, interest and concern with teacher and school principal.

Formation of Council :

The students council will be found under the guidance & control of the school principal, council chairperson and different wing coordinator. There are 30 members (students) in the executive body of the students council which distributes its power and responsibilities as per the instruction of the management and school rules.  

Mr. Basanta Lal Lamichhane    Patron

Mr. Pritam K. Mehta                 Advisor

Ms. Sushma Tamang                 Advisor

Mr. Bharat Magar                      Advisor

Mr. Sapana Adhikari                  Advisor

Mr. Bikash Pradhan                   Advisor

Mr. Sushil Koirala                       Activity Chair

Ms. Sahena Shrestha                  President

Mr. Dipersan Jung Thapa          Vice-president

Mr. Bishrut Uprety                      Treasurer

Ms. Diki Sherpa                             Deputy Treasurer

Ms. Shreeya Adhikari                   Secretary Treasure

Ms. Praptee Thapa                        Deputy Secretary

Mr. Aashish Chaudhary                        Member

Mr. Abhiyan Acharya                            Member

Mr. Dipersan Jung Karki                      Member

Mr. Tenji Sherpa                                   Member

Ms. Divasana Poudel                             Member

Ms. Nayansa Bhattarai                         Member

Ms. Kunsang Sherpa                             Member