The kindergarten programme inculcates the qualities of curiosity, exploration and discovery in a fun-filled, safe and happy learning environment at RPS. An individualized approach helps nurture love of learning, develops social skills and instills moral values to our students.

Reliance Public School (RPS) has its own well-balanced curriculum and theme based instructions which help the young minds to integrate their learning smoothly. The more care is given in exploring, knowing, understanding and forming their own ideas. The intended goal of this programme is to imbibe students with the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy that would fit to their level. They are encouraged to play, explore and discover through dance, music, art and craft

(One to Three)

The Primary School Programme of RPS encourages inquiry and exploration which develop children's competence in various skills. We follow the Continuous Assessment System (CAS) as an evaluation module at this level along with paper and pencil examination. The Primary school curriculum offers on exciting and creative learning environment with an inter-disciplinary approach on language, mathematics, science and social studies. Chinese language is taught as third language. In addition, the practiced module of grade teaching is facilitated by Grade teachers in company of the assistant teachers. Language, Numeracy and Soft skills fitting to the level of students are the core areas of focus here. It provisions separate teacher for Nepali language and literature.

(Four to Seven)

The basic level education School Programme is structured to meet the varied intellectual and developmental needs of our pupils. The Curriculum at this level ensures progression and continuity across various stages of learning in the school and it incorporates better level of performances.

The developing skills related to writing, reading, reflecting, critical thinking, public speaking, fostering initiative among the students and a desire to acquire knowledge are the key aims of this programme. English, Nepali, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science are the major subjects. In this programme, subject wise class rooms are designed as resource centres in order to make students responsible towards their belongings.


(Eight to Ten)

The High School Curriculum generally focuses on the academic activities rather than ECAs. However, CCAs have been intensively incorporated in the core curriculum. This starts with an emphasis on learning basic facts and gradually, moves to detail understanding of concepts through interpretation and evaluation as students' progress to higher classes. It is built around the principles of knowledge, understanding, application and skill. Intensive projects and presentations used in this programme aid for the development of analytical skills. Some special activities such as SQC, Communication club, SAP are conducted in integral form moreover. At least two community based activities are mandatorily assigned to be accomplished by students have. Students are encouraged to participate in the programme like Model United Nations (MUN), Drama Show, Quiz, Elocution Contest, Spelling Contest and many more.

Pedagogical Approaches at RPS

Our Academics

Learning of students at RPS is enhanced by the participatory approaches. Our top notch priority is to enrich the flair of students in natural way. School has formulated its own syllabus based on national curriculum to meet international dimension in academics. In order to reduce the load of books, we provide text books in school.

Similarly, to assure the individual approach to the students, we enroll only 16 students from PG to KG, 20 students from Junior One to Seven and 25 students from Eight to Ten in each section. For the close observation and monitoring of the students, RPS has set up four tiers of academic programmes :Pre-Primary, Junior School, Middle School and Senior School academics.

International Collaboration in Curriculum

RPS has been fostering its best efforts to include the international dimension through collaboration in curriculum along with students' exchange programme. This program has helped students experience the similarities and differences between countries in-terms of socio-economic, cultural, geographic and educational scopes. It is found to be instrumental on broadening the international outlook and social horizon of our students.

Visiting Classes at RPS

We have been running special classes to our students, where they can instill and lens the basic and fundamental knowledge on varied areas having direct interaction with the experts. We invite renowned scholars, scientists and professionals of different  areas to share their success stories with them.

Theme Based Assembly Conduction

We have a unique format of assembly conduction that ensures the involvement of every student on rotational basis. Students are assigned with theme to host assembly, deliver speeches, recite poems, sing songs, express thoughts, update with the current national and international news and present the amazing facts in alteration both by basic and secondary level.

Vocational Guidance

Well trained mentors are appointed in school to assist students for their technical and vocational aspects of the studies especially in the subject like OBTE. Experts guide our students on creative and innovative practices under STEAM programme and curriculum.

Personality Development

Our calendar, every year, is well filled with adequate events which basically engage students in multiple creative and constructive time tested activities like debate, essay writing, drama, poetry writing and recitation, workshop, quiz, elocution, extempore, etc. on regular basis.

Volunteerism At RPS

We have several of the academic volunteers served in our school from different European and American countries since the time of its service in academics. These volunteers, who are academicians in different educational institutions, stay in school for the certain period of time and make our students learn about their culture, language and the ways of living.


Language Instruction

A well modelled scientific lab adorned with sound multimedia has been developed at RPS assimilating the significance of developing all four skills; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing of our students in order to augment their linguistic competency.

Field Studies

To widen the understanding of principle knowledge attained in classroom into real life learning, the various sets of mini research are designed at RPS. Under these programmes, students are intensively engaged in community and field based survey on various socio-political and economic issues in order to explore the perception, perspectives and the real ground of the community they are living by

National & International Days

Celebration at RPS

RPS marks each of the special days of national and international significance with a joyous celebration. Each event of such is introduced in our school calendar and accordingly, the planning of activities are designed. The fundamental to catch up such days is to well aware and disseminate a message to our students and community people about the need and prominence of approaching onto the related issues. World Environment Day, International Human Rights Day, Wash Hand Programme, World HIV/AIDS Day, Cancer Day, Guru Purnima, Saraswati Puja, Martyr's Day, Republic Day, etc. are some among numerous programmes those are highly celebrated with due honour and justice at school.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Reliance Public School believes in Total Quality Person (TQP). Committed to achieve the same, it has always prioritized for the sound growth of its students in terms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strands. Realizing this necessity , RPS has made a provision of regular games and sports routine in addition to the occasional sports fiestas inside and outside school premises. Some of the games and sports in which students engage at RPS are:







Table Tennis










Fine Arts and Crafts










RPS has its own musical band under which several of its students have competed in many national and international platforms. To promote students' capabilities in dance and music, we have made a systematic arrangement of the underneath listed classes.










Arts & Crafts










Dance is a value based ECA activity in which students from junior to senior school participate on their individual interest.

Tours & Excursions

Tours and excursions are the part of learning with fun transcending the four walls of classroom. Mandatorily, each student has to take part and submit his/her learning outcomes either in the form of a report or a power point presentation to the concerned faculties post  to their visit.

Yoga & Meditation

We believe in the consistent practice of Yoga and Meditation as a remedy to cope against emotional and psychological difficulties of every individual. Therefore, with a resolute to ameliorate the mind and body connection, and improving the overall fitness with sound emotional balance of its pupils, RPS has introduced Yoga and Meditation classes onto its regular routine.