Students Quality Circle

Students Quality Circle is a circle of students where they identify their problems, select the most significant one and they work together to explore the causes and the solutions of the opted problem themselves. It runs with the team work where every one's voice is heard and evaluated. It is a proven methodology on harnessing team spirit, leadership skill, public speaking and the problem solving skill leading to in-tune students' fervor in research.

Leadership and Communication Club

The sole motto of the club has remained to enhance public speaking and presentation ability of the students involving them into several of the roles which are both in prompt and structured. It even helps the speakers to receive swift feedback and thus, they can work on their weaknesses in the next meeting.


RPMUN is a club formed with intent to availing students a platform to practice the skills on diplomacy, negotiation, conflict resolution and research with an academic simulation of the United Nations general assembly and agencies. MUN is a student-led activity that extends their understanding on history, geography, economics, science, arts, etc. MUN is instrumental to formal writing and public speaking adeptness of students.

Our students have participated in several of the international MUN conferences those have held in Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal and India. The club even has hosted an international SDGMUN conference 2017 into its own premises and has a routine of organizing at least two conferences of international level a year on its own site.

Learning through Community Based Projects Initiation

Reliance Public School has formed a Students' Council in order to pursue a cause of social welfare which engages students in community based projects. Students engage in environment protection programme, raising awareness and the women empowerment support activities through literacy campaign under their projects' conduction. Our students have, generously, been supporting to the students of remote and rural part of the country for their education from the fund they raise through different sources.

Virtue Star

V-Star is one of the most ambitious and practical approach based projects at RPS that aims at nurturing better moral fiber. It breeds the core practices of cleanliness, organization, politeness and the punctuality into children. Under the project, students are tasked with special activities of meditation, donation for the noble cause, catching goodness of their surroundings etc. It has brought termendous changes into the behavior of students since they have been following the core module of ten daily routines under strict monitoring and evaluation of their respective class teacher and parents jointly

RPS Journey to ISA

Reliance Public School has been awarded with the British Council International School Award (ISA) 2016-2019 on August 27th, 2017 for the first time. It is a global accreditation of British council that is awarded on ground of successfully accomplishing all its framed projects and activities integrating those in school curriculum. The award, in self, is a self-evidence that our classroom activities are integrated with the international dimension and implication of the contents those we take as our essential objectives. 

We have started our journey for ISA in September 2016 with ten projects of the international and local state partnership nature. Since the day, we have been strictly sticking to connecting classroom activities with British Council devised programme and our chosen projects which have given mileage both to the intensive and extensive involvement of our students ensuring international dimension in their classroom studies and curriculum. The teachers and students have learnt varied cultures of their partner schools of beyond the boarder. The sought skills to accomplish the project under ISA have arched to boost up the level of confidence in articulation the ideas and insights in our students. Presentation of their learning, involving in group work and peer work activities have been some of the key instruments of sharing and learning at school since the time we started our journey to ISA.

Students' Council

RPS has set up students’ council to promote social alignment of its students with the community they are living in. Students’ council, at RPS, designs various activities to connect students with the social lives and to have wider comprehension of the issues and challenges those are there within their surroundings. Our students share their fortune with the poor and desperate people with all the possible donation and contribution like those of clothes, fruits, and food stuffs from their own benevolent hands visiting orphanages and ageing homes. In addition, environmental and sanitation programme, generating awareness against social problems and perversions are some of the prioritized activities of the students of RPS which have been channelized though student council.

World Environment Day Celebration

Our students from junior to senior sections merrily celebrate the ‘World Environment Day’ every year with a week-long activity. These activities concentrate on existing environmental issues of the globe and their surroundings. Outside school students organize rally, deliver their hand prepared posters and pamphlets to the people living in their community, run cleaning campaign within the vicinity and plant trees in bare public land. Inside School, Students take part in theme based speech contest, essay writing competition, poem recitation, drama performance, quiz contest and many other creative activities. Exploring of innovative ideas on many of the environmental issues, exchanging of insignia prepared by students on their own to one another and the creation green earth ambience on school walls with pasting of artistically designed and imprinted chart paper are the beautiful parts of the celebration of World Environment Days in school.

PTM : A Solidarity to Assure Quality Education

Parents, Teachers and Management  meeting is one of the major doings of RPS in which an open discussion and sharing among three parties take place, in  a systematic way,  focusing on the behavioral and academic performance of students at home and school. The tripartite meet twice a year has been made obligatory at RPS to hear the voice of parents and satisfy their queries both by the concerned teachers and school management. Besides, the meetings, which are conducted prior and post 1st Semester Qualifying Test, have helped teachers and management to formulate right planning and apply those in a right way to bring the desirable changes into the behavior and academics of students.

Art Mela and Science Exhibition

Art Mela and Science Exhibition are the consequent events of the artistic and scientific fervor of RPS students. Every year our students organize a public gala to make their parents and general people behold and experience their artistic creations and scientific innovations through this Mela. Students set up stalls and explain their projects to the visitors with experimentation on the spot. Students run their own food stall to satisfy the taste of visitor, they make an arrangement of face painting and set up book shop with varieties of books ranging of different areas and scopes. They donate the incurred amount of money for the welfare of the needy students from rural and remote part of the country.

Communication Club

The sole motto of the club has is to enhance the mass speaking and presentation ability of the students assigning several of the roles those are both in prompt and structured.

Bee Creative:

Promoting critical and creative faculty of the mind through a creation of congenial environment is a part of promoting innovation in a ‘Bee Creative Project’ Bee Creative is a class to the students of V, VI and VII that engages them in play with the different tools like paper, pencil, knots, battery, buzzer, pop-sticks independently and design the creative sample of various things like robots, automobiles, exercising equipment, safety home and many more on their choice.