• We have flourished RPS with highly dedicated, experienced and qualified team of teachers to guide, nurture, facilitate, love and respect every student.
  • We have highly valued our faculties providing lots of learning and practising opportunities in and outside school and the country.
  • Our faculties are skilled with new pedagogies through various workshops, trainings and other participatory national and international programmes.


Diet and Dinning

RPS is an entirely day scholars' academic institution where students are served two times of meal viz. Lunch and Tiffin with different menus every day.We serve food as per the advice of dietician for the apposite physical and mental growth of our students.

Medical Check-Up

Dental checkup, eye testing and general health examination of the students are done at school on regular basis and if any ailment is noticed, the students are timely advised to have an expert service.


One of the beautiful aspects to which we are always proud of is our E-library which comprises around five thousand E-books ranging from the diverse disciplines and discourses.

Science Lab

We have a well-equipped ultra modern science laboratory where students from junior to senior school level make sure of their practical assignments and experimentation under the instruction and guidance of concerned faculty and lab technician.

Computer Lab

RPS has a High-Tech computer laboratory that has made an arrangement of computers to accomodate the need of students. Moreover, it is well supported with full time internet accessibility in order to avail ample opportunities of research and practical learning to its students.


We have, multiple beds with the basic medical facilities, infirmary with a full time internationally certified nurse to provide an emergency aid to the students in case of any issues related to health.


We run altogether eight vans which provide a cozy and well webbed transportation facilities to the students from several of the areas of Kathmandu Metro. We receive students from the gate of his/her home to school and drop back to the gate of his/her home.

Examination Procedure

RPS runs two semesters for an academic session where prior Mid-Term, two Unit Tests for each subject are conducted carrying 10 percentage weightage from each to be added in 80 percentage of Mid-Term evaluation. Likewise, in the second half of the session, 3rd Unit Test with Pre-Final Examination that respectively carries 10 percentage weightage each to be added in overall 80 percentage of final terminal examination. Continuous Assessment System (CAS) is one of the duly priorized evaluation methods to make application based test of the students up to grade five along with the regular paper and pencil examination.


We offer a well facilitated and secured hostel service which capacitates more than one hundred students with parental care. School has managed full time school nurse and hostel warden to ensure better take care of students. Students staying at hostel have routinely extra study classes with sports and games facilities during leisure. Hostel students can have an outing once a month on last Friday.